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Since 2003 Mountain Peak Investments, LLC. has been developing software mainly, but not exclusively, for the bingo industry in the United States. If you know bingo then you have probably heard of us by our product names such as VBingo®, Tornado Bingo, Sunken Treasure Pull Tabs, Whirlwind Bingo or Member Labs.

Daily we are continuing to work hard building new software, adding features to our existing software, supporting our current customers and expanding our markets.

In addition to developing the software, we also maintain an inventory of hardware exclusively for end-user use of our software. To learn more about the hardware options available for bingo halls please visit www.bingopeak.com.

MPI also offers our software and hardware skills to the public in the forms of custom software, website development, and computer repair services.

Our Software

Software for bingo halls

MPI designs, develops, maintains, distributes and supports the following products for use in bingo halls.

  • VBingo® - The new host framework that we "plug" our bingo and pulltab games into. This framework consists of the front-end client and the back-end server/database system as well as handles the communications between the two.
  • Tornado Bingo - a 24 number "instant" bingo game that has been played in bingo halls for over 10 years. Tornado is now available on the new VBingo framework.
  • Whirlwind Bingo - a fast paced, multi-pattern "grind style" bingo game. A bit slower than "Instant" bingo but has blazing speed compared to traditional bingo.
  • Sunken Treasure - an electronic pull tab game hosted on the new VBingo framework.
  • Member Labs - a member tracking and loyalty system for charitable bingo halls.

You can find much more about each game and more of our bingo hall products at www.BingoPeak.com.

 Software on the web

We are also releasing a version of our Tornado Bingo game, hosted on the VBingo framework, to play for fun and with your friends. This web version is not played for real money but for your bingo pleasure. You can find more information and the downloads at www.MyVBingo.com.

Third-party software and websites

We also develop, maintain and support custom software and websites. See the "Let us work for you" section on our home page for more details.


Online Support

We offer 24/7/365 online ticket-based support for all of our products. You must create an account on this site to receive online support.

Telephone Support

We offer 24 hour telephone support to our bingo hall customers and distributors as well as for customers we have developed software for.

Forums for our internet games

We maintain support forums at www.MyVBingo.com to help the public users of our internet games.

Support for other products and services

For any other support inquiries please contact us during business hours.

Services offered to the public from our Gainesville GA office

Computer Repair Services

MPI has vast experience maintaining and repairing computer hardware and the software that runs it. Over the years we have built our knowledge through practical hands-on work on our own equipment. Still today we routinely diagnose and repair hundreds of our own devices. We are accustomed to the pressure of repairing critical systems and returning them to active service on a deadline.

Third-party Software ALM and Website Design

We have made our living on designing, building and maintaining software for ourselves and now our team can bring that same experience to you.

How to get our products and services

Bingo Hall Products

Our bingo hall products, which include all commercial software including; VBingo®, Tornado Bingo, Sunken Treasure Pull Tabs, Whirlwind Bingo and Member Labs are distributed directly by us under the trade name of Bingo Peak and are also available from our distributors and licensees.

To learn more about our bingo hall products please visit the Bingo Peak website or contact us.

Interested in becoming a Distributor/Licensee of our proprietary bingo hall software/hardware?

There are opportunities available to distribute our hardware/software packages or software on your hardware. We are also open to licensing our software. If you are interested in becoming a distributor/licensee for our bingo hall products please contact us.

VBingo games for entertainment on the web

The VBingo on the web version of our Tornado Bingo game can be downloaded at www.MyVBingo.com or the Google play store.

Getting our Services

Use the following links to find out more about obtaining our services:

Support Services - see all of our support service options here.

Computer repair services - Get an online estimate here or bring your device to our office during business hours.

Third-party software development

Website Development


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