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Bingo Hall Products

Our bingo hall products, which include all commercial software including; VBingo®, Tornado Bingo, Sunken Treasure Pull Tabs, Whirlwind Bingo and Member Labs are distributed directly by us under the trade name of Bingo Peak and are also available from our distributors and licensees.

To learn more about our bingo hall products please visit the Bingo Peak website or contact us.

Interested in becoming a Distributor/Licensee of our proprietary bingo hall software/hardware?

There are opportunities available to distribute our hardware/software packages or software on your hardware. We are also open to licensing our software. If you are interested in becoming a distributor/licensee for our bingo hall products please contact us.

VBingo games for entertainment on the web

The VBingo on the web version of our Tornado Bingo game can be downloaded at or the Google play store.

Getting our Services

Use the following links to find out more about obtaining our services:

Support Services - see all of our support service options here.

Computer repair services - Get an online estimate here or bring your device to our office during business hours.

Third-party software development

Website Development


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